Would you like to help find missing children just by doing what you already do?


Just by using GoodSearch.com as your preferred search engine, and choosing AAFLC as your charity, every web search you make earns the charity a penny. A penny doesn’t sound like much, but how many searches could you do in a minute? 10? 30? 40? The sky is the limit!

You can also watch commercials, take surveys and even get great discounts by shopping through their GoodShop store, all while helping us raise the funds to go on more rescues.

We currently have a contest called the GoodSearch World Competition. The top three GoodSearch earners will receive a prize of 30% of what they earned. 30% of the funds you raised, while earning money to rescue children, just by searching the web is a pretty great way to help a great cause.

Please E-mail aaflc@verizon.net to register!



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