Vending Outreach



Vending Outreach Program for Missing Children

Please click here to download the vending outreach form.

The best vending outreach for non-profits. Click here to view our vending outreach form. Please contact Mark Miller for more information, or call
(724) 537-6970.

Please call before filling out and sending in the form.


Vending Boxes; Honor Box Vending Routes

Vending Box

  • Box designed for placement near cash register on retail counters (7.8 inch cube).
  • 3 different sized candy compartments to adjust for preferences or manage margins.
  • Rugged enough to withstand a 3 foot drop with little or no damage (repairable with glue).
  • Clear, acrylic top and front display candy. White sides and back block sunlight to minimize chocolate damage.
  • Permanent, professional, bilingual labels and locking cash box.
  • Pouch provided on back of box to display AAFLC brochures.
  • $49 each, $39 for 10 or more, $35 for 100 or more. Shipping material and shipping charges (UPS) will be added to order.

Vending Box - other views

Contact Tosshers Vending at 916-549-1400.

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Thank you so much. The proceeds from the vending have been instrumental, enabling AAFLC to find and rescue more missing children.